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xAPI + Captivate (part 2) – Results and Leaderboards

So in my first post on the topic of integrating the Experience API and Captivate, I showed you how to take a couple user inputs and translate that into a simple statement that would be sent to an LRS when the user clicks a button. Sending a statement from a Captivate project is cool, but it’s only half the usefulness … Read More

xAPI + Captivate (Part 1)

From the moment I learned about it, I’ve been in love with the idea of what the Experience API (xAPI) could do. While adoption among some L&D departments (mostly at companies with large budgets and/or technical know-how)┬áhas been steadily gaining steam, the majority of us seem to be sitting around twiddling our thumbs, waiting for Adobe and Articulate to pull … Read More

Florida Man’s Origin Story

Hank Green had a great video this week explaining the origins of why “Florida Man” exists. For the uninitiated, Florida Man is internet shorthand for the curious phenomenon of absurd and bizarre headlines that begin with those words. For example: “Florida Man Admits Killing Goat and Drinking Its Blood For Pagan Sacrifice, Would Still Like to be Senator” or “Florida … Read More