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Your Style is a Cage

Learning styles are dumb, and I’ll explain why. But first let’s talk about Bruce Lee. I’ve never really cared for Bruce Lee and I only recently just watched Enter the Dragon. Yes – you read that right – it took me 35 years to watch my first Bruce Lee movie. Aside from repeated childhood viewings of Karate Kid, I’ve never … Read More

Love and laces

We didn’t do a ton of research to plan our honeymoon. All we really had in mind was: A) somewhere in Mexico where we won’t find a bunch of other American tourists, and B) ideally somewhere that Jessica (who has been to Mexico many times) hadn’t yet been. So within about 15 minutes of random Googling, we discover this delightful … Read More

xAPI + Captivate (Part 1)

From the moment I learned about it, I’ve been in love with the idea of what the Experience API (xAPI) could do. While adoption among some L&D departments (mostly at companies with large budgets and/or technical know-how) has been steadily gaining steam, the majority of us seem to be sitting around twiddling our thumbs, waiting for Adobe and Articulate to pull … Read More